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SmartyPig is a free online piggy bank for people saving for specific financial goals like a wedding, a vacation or a flat-screen TV. Even if your goal is saving for a rainy day, SmartyPig is here to help you reach that goal faster and give you the most money for your money when you get there.

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  • 0.75

    0.75% APY*
    One of the most competitive interest rates in the country.

  • Cash Rewards
    Redeem your goals for Retailer Gift Cards and get up to 11% cash boost from SmartyPig. Learn more. »

Dream It. Do It.

SmartyPig makes it easy to create and manage your financial goals. You decide how much and how often you want to contribute and SmartyPig does the rest. You can even set up automatic recurring funds transfers and can set up as many goals as you want. If you want to save for it, we’re here to help!

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  • FDIC Insured
    Savings accounts are held in BBVA Compass and are FDIC insured up to the maximum amount allowed by law.

  • Automatic
    You create specific financial goals and set up automated transfers from your existing checking or savings account. We do the rest. Just set it and forget it!

  • Debt-Free
    Create an Account Looking to reverse the “buy now, pay later“ mindset? Get paid to save for what you want.

Feed Your Goals
Every Day

SmartyPig helps your money work harder than any other savings program. In addition to our great savings rate, you can leverage the power of your social networks to help you reach your goals faster, as well as earning up to an additional 11% cash boost when purchasing a Retailer Gift Card.

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  • Get A Little Help From Your Friends
    If Uncle Bob wants to help your honeymoon in Maui, who are you to say no? SmartyPig lets you share your savings goals on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to give friends and family an opportunity to contribute. Learn more »

Get the Most Money
for Your Money

When it comes time to redeem your goals, SmartyPig offers up to 11% cash boost savings with Retailer Gift Cards from Macy's, Best Buy (and more!), and the freedom to send your money back to your bank account. Choose one redemption option, or split up your money to make it work the hardest for you.

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  • Retailer Gift Cards
    Want to make your money go the furthest? When redeeming all or a portion of your goal, choose a Retailer Gift Card and earn up to 11% cash boost. That’s cash right back in your pocket! Learn more »

  • Electronic Transfer
    Prefer to transfer your balance back to your bank account? You can do that too.

From The Blog:

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From The Users:

"This is how business should work. Incredible customer service."

— Nick N. (via twitter)

"I LOVE SmartyPig! I don't think I would have saved that much without the sort of 'set it and forget it' functionality of SmartyPig. Now I'm just addicted to watching my balance grow".

— Jennifer V. (via Facebook)

"I just closed out my first goal a little early because I needed the money for an unexpected expense and boy let me tell you how happy I was to have had that money in my SmartyPig account. I have NEVER been a saver, yet I was able to reach my goal quickly and effortlessly. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you SmartyPig!!!"

— Amy C. (via Facebook)

"I set up a SmartyPig account to save for my Google swagg (new phone and netbook for x-mas). I need to set up another one for an emergency fund or perhaps a vacation to NYC."

— Adontai M. (via Facebook)

"Went to a bank yesterday to open an account. Picked up a magazine while waiting for the rep, saw an article about SmartyPig, went home and opened up my SmartyPig account. Funny how things happen."

— Susan B. (via Facebook)

"Saving for World Cup 2014 in BRAZIL!!! 2% there and now accepting donations!!!"

— Andre H. (via Facebook)

"Thank you!!!! I'm extremely excited to reach my goals...Christmas and Emergency Fund here I come!"

— Ani S. (via Facebook)

"The mobile app is one of my favorite parts. Every time I drive by Starbucks and skip it, I drop the $4.37 in a goal."

— Jessica G. (via twitter)

"I love you SmartyPig! Just added $25 to my baby emergency fund!"

— Cherryl B. (via Facebook)

"Just opened an account and have two savings goals - both long term, College savings for our son and a family (including grandparents) trip to Disney World! I currently have ING savings, but one can never have enough help saving in my book :) Depending on how everything goes I may shift some money around."

— Missy A. (via Facebook)

"Truly like this savings account. Just started and looking forward to have a few accounts. My Son is 13 and I'm saving money for when he's ready to choose a School to further his goals."

— Caruso M. (via Facebook)

"SmartyPig rules! I am getting married on Saturday and you guys helped my fiancé and I save the money we need to have a great wedding!"

— Kerry W. (via Facebook)

"I recently started a "buy an awesome bed fund" with your services. Woo!"

— Kim (via twitter)

"I love using this! I have a bit taken out weekly and I don't even miss it!"

— Kathy S. (via Facebook)

"Thanks @SmartyPig for helping me save for my debt-free vacation and my wife's debt free summer classes!"

— Justin B. (via twitter)

"This is what I have been looking for. A way to save for travel by setting a goal, contributing regularly through automatic transfers, and sharing that goal in public on a social networking site. It motivates me to tighten my belt and focus on the goal."

— Alex L. (via Facebook)

"Fun fun way to manage my son's savings account - he and I are both learning about the joy of saving for something worthwhile."

— Megan M. (via Facebook)

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